Practice safe sleep


Napr is the dating app for those who love to sleep, because it’s scientifically proven that couples that nap together, stay together. Are you DTN?

How it works

Sign up to Napr and choose from all the sleepy singles in your neighbourhood! Adjust your nap preferences (i.e. time, spoon size etc.) to make sure you and your nap buddy are compatible. Connect and get together for a 1 nap stand. And how knows, your nap could even turn into a sleepover?


I’ve been wanting to get out into the dating world for a while now, but I work long hours and I’m always so tired. Napping is one of my favourite past times so when I found out about Napr I signed up right away. It worked out perfectly for my lifestyle. After a few short lived naps, I found Ted. Ted is the best big spoon to my little spoon, he also naps for 15 minute intervals. Just like me. We’ve been napping together everyday since, and I’m seeing a long future of naps ahead of us.

- Cheryl, Newfoundland